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July 5, 2012
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Korra: Equalists will live on by Bizmarck Korra: Equalists will live on by Bizmarck
And here is one for the equalists and the Lieutenant.

There are two things that give me hope for both:

- One, the voice actor for the lieutenant is much too prominent and well known in comparison to the amount of dialogue he was given in the first season (seems a waste).
- The Avatar crew seems to love throwing in plot ideas that are not very prominent or obvious. And at the moment a lot of people assume that the equalist issue is mostly done.

At the end of the day this whole “bending is hereditary” slant in LOK annoys me no end. What the heck is this only Tenzin’s kids can be airbenders rubbish!? What were there before the first benders? What’s about all the non-bending parents of benders? That they have taken this line had better be a faint for a plot in season two… Otherwise they can forget about soul bending… I don’t remember the soul and spirit being a part of your genetic make-up… If anything it is about attitude, character and all those things which are learnable, changeable and definitely not genetic or tied to your physique.

The equalists better be back, otherwise my faith in their skill as writers has diminished… If bending is as genetic as they seem to imply, then arm and free the masses, and if absolutely necessary, bring on the war…

The spirits didn’t make all people equal, the equalists did!

As for the characters in the comic, I deliberately placed non-benders against benders of the same background to show that the overriding loyalties to the old nations are waning, this is about something bigger! And as for the female air-nomad acolyte, I would say they have the biggest beef of all, I would say Tenzin and Aang put in too little effort to find new air benders, seemingly preferring to keep the secret squarely in their family to their own benefit. What are the acolytes hoping for? To one day possibly hook up with a member of the Tenzin household to have their children become benders?

The whole thing smacks of “writers convenience” to me. I just hope that I am pleasantly surprised.

I doubt most people will care for this, but this is for the few who do, the ones that go for the underdog and the commoner.

Viva La Revolution! [link]

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Shabazik Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist
mmmm... from my understanding of the show -not much-, they hadn't implied that "bending is hereditary", as you point out, cannonically, there are characters with bending and non-bending family... however, to be a fire bender, the person must be of the fire nation -or at least, have fire nation ancestors-. If the person have mixed heritage of different nations, they can be benders of one or other type of their ancestors -or no benders at all-

The issue with Tenzin's kids being the only air benders is only because once the Air benders where exterminated in genocide by the fire nation, and only Aang -last air master- survived. Therefore, only his descendants can be air benders, as there aren't much more people with air bending ancestors...

But as said, this is only my incomplete knowledge of the show!

Nice comic as well!
Alpha-Squid May 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree w/ you 100%, no need for the Equalists were oppressing benders, how's that for irony.
I love this! It's exactly how the Equalists should have acted.
thanks, thought I was the only one ^^
Knockouter Jul 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Hey, better then flat out war
You made a very good point which I thought would be a plotpoint in Korra when I heard about it last year before it aired: Bending cannot be genetic only because it was created by humans mimicking animals and nature.
Therefore it was never part of their DNA. So if humans can learn it, why can't it be taught?
Couldn't Aang teach a non-bender airbending similar to how airbenders originally learned from sky bison?
Because only the Avatar can use all 4 elements, it makes sense that you can only use 1 form of bending
But then a non-bender should be able to learn 1 too, so benders should be able to teach them
Which means that the airbenders could never really be eliminated - the Avatar could always create new benders by teaching non-benders the manipulation of the elements
I agree, It always was a bit... conveniant.
Maybe eventually the creators will realize that the way to make airbenders not extict is by following our proposal and teach non-benders to airbend
Takimashou Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
YEES. The equalist movement had too much going for it to just disappear. Amon pushed it too far, but with him gone, new avenues that are less warlike will open up.

I think it makes sense that there is genetic predisposition towards bending (and a totally genetically bound trait does still mesh with benders from non-bending parents- like brunette parents having blonde kids). But we're told that bending is about chi and chakras. So it doesn seem odd that there are such black and white can and can-nots.
And we know that even people who have the potential don't necessarily have the ability- Take Korra and her airbending.

But it think it'd be just as well if people stopped worshipping benders as much, and worked on their own skills. like chi blocking. or flower arranging.
To be honest I don't get why you're upset.

If you are a bender you were born that way, it's a special talent like any other, it's how you use it that matters. You could be a bully like the guys in your comic, or you could just use it as a martial artist like the Air Nomads.

Besides, the whole idea about the revolution was that Amon believed that bending only leads to evil, and it's better to wipe it out so that people like Yakone or Ozai can ever exist again. After Aang's passing the bending triads reigned supreme in their newly found freedom, this caused a lot of people to be afraid of benders as anyone could be a potential criminal. Amon exploited that fear with his ideology of equality, fueling peoples hatred towards benders and rallying to his cause. The whole story was about Korra learning that being a strong bender isn't everything, you still need friends and a good mind to fight. It was this that allowed her to defeat Amon and expose him as the real bending-tyrant. Now that Korra is a fully-realized Avatar she can go to work on restoring balance to the city, so that it can be the place where benders and non-benders live in harmony that Aang envisioned it to be.

As for what the revolution has taught us? Well, the revolution (and your comic might I add) show that non-benders aren't powerless against benders. If they have the will to defend themselves and work together they can be a force to be reckoned with.

And is it really so hard to believe that the air acolytes are non-benders who devote themselves to the Air Nomad culture but weren't born as benders? As for the whole genetic side, you don't expect Bryke to pull some midichlorian-twist on us are you?

Just please, don't take it so seriously, it's a fantasy not a political commentary.
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